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Chris Russell for Texas State Senate

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Meet Chris

Chris is a Texas-based business owner and entrepreneur, a dedicated constitutional conservative, a proud native Texan, and a Texas Senate District 12 resident for the past 35 years.

“While I have not yet held public office, I have immersed myself in Texas politics for over two decades. During this time, I’ve witnessed the many strengths of our great state. Yet, I’m also aware of areas that require improvement and some that may be considered less favorable. Texas stands strong, but I believe we can fortify its foundations even further.”

Chris’ involvement in the field of politics has been driven by industry peers who have entrusted him with important responsibilities.  He has directly contributed to the drafting of local ordinances in various cities and played a role in shaping state-level legislation that prioritizes intelligence and fairness that benefit all stakeholders. Additionally, Chris has been engaged in national legislative efforts, notably in areas such as net neutrality and patent reform.

“My deep-rooted experience in policymaking equips me to address the myriad challenges faced by the residents of Texas Senate District 12.”