Chris Russell Texas Senate District 12

Chris Russell for Texas State Senate

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Your Effective Responsive Conservative Advocate

Elect Chris Russell

Chris Russell

For Texas Senate

Chris pledges to be your effective, responsive, conservative advocate.

Many feel the government does not work for them. They are frustrated when their elected representatives do not seem to hear them. They tire of the fighting getting in the way of progress. They grow weary waiting for help. They are frustrated when the government’s lack of attention or outright hindrance blocks a solution to their problems. They grow tired of voting expecting change and getting none.


Together We Can Bring Change

Why Chris?

  • Chris Russell shares your frustration and seeks to be your advocate.
  • Chris is unique because he seeks results thru attentive listening, collaboration, mutual respect and fresh ideas.
  • He firmly believes that effective negotiation and bringing people together are key to achieving our shared objective: a prosperous and thriving Texas.
  • He will work to bring together our families, friends, and neighbors.
  • Chris has viewed government from the outside to gain experience to tackle the problems. 
  • As your senator he will be committed to principled governance, marked by transparency, honor and integrity.

Chris’s Platform is Straight Forward

  • Serving as your advocate.
  • Making government work for you.
  • Reducing law & regulation that blocks progress.
  • Effective fiscal management to reduce your taxes.
  • Focusing resources to enhance public safety.
  • Enacting term limits to breakup entrenched interests.
  • Openness to new ideas to solve problems.
  • Providing adequate funding for safe and effective education.


Strong Advocate of Term-Limits for Legislators. Term limits are essential for ensuring a healthy and dynamic democracy. They promote fresh ideas, reduce the risk of corruption, and empower a broader range of voices to contribute to our government, ultimately strengthening the foundation of our nation.

Reduce Property Tax.  In 2022, Texas experienced a 32.5 Billion dollar tax income surplus. The legislators quivered over giving back 18 billion. To reduce property taxes, we need to focus on responsible fiscal management, finding efficiencies in government spending, and finding new areas of revenue (other than the pockets of property owners and renters). By addressing these areas, we can alleviate the burden on homeowners and ensure a fair and sustainable tax system.

A Voice for All of Us. There is a growing number of people who have no voice for solutions in government. Our seniors deserve great respect and careful listening. Our booming homelessness dilemma is a complex and pressing social issue characterized by individuals and families lacking stable housing. It stems from a variety of factors, some of which include economic challenges, mental health issues, and lack of affordable housing. Addressing homelessness involves all of us. I will fight for those without a voice